Nerds & Non/Sense™ with Larry Compton

S2 Ep4 - Work/Life Balance Revisited

July 25, 2021 Larry A. Compton Season 2 Episode 4
Nerds & Non/Sense™ with Larry Compton
S2 Ep4 - Work/Life Balance Revisited
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Recieved a great listerner call on Work/Life balance, then a follow up from the same caller.  This guy knows what he's talking about, and is very highly respected by his peers.  He works in a D.A.'s office for a major metro area, and keeps a flow chart on his office door regarding contacting him after hours; I've included it as this episode's artwork.

Anyway, his comments made me think of Amber Schroader's comments, which were featured in Season 1 episode 8.  Amber is the CEO of Paraben Corporation, and a highly respected pioneer in digital evidence recovery, so I included her comments again in this episode too.

Personally, as of late, I have begun to focus any free time on The Paul F. Compton Scholarship for Excellence in Digital Forensics

At this stage I'm setting up the new corporation logistically and soliciting volunteers for the Advisory Board, who will help steer the future of the scholarship and assist with award selection annually.

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Thanks for listenting!  Keep being great & doing great things, my friends.  All the best, always!

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